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    Bajina Bašta

Bajina Bašta, Pepelj

The Bajina Basta fruit orchards are dotted along the slopes of Povlen and Tara mountains. These mountains are blessed with one of the most important requisites in fruit growing, the moderate continental climate which gives fruit an extra aroma due to high day and low night temperatures.

Some centuries ago the Ilic family arrived in Serbia and aquired a farm in Pepelj, one of the most beautiful villages on the slopes of Tara mountain. The family quickly realised that their southfacing fruit orchards produced delicious and juicy apples, pears, quince and plums. With ideal altitude for fruit growing, plenty of sunshine and fresh spring water, their land granted extra sweet and succulent fruits.

With these ripened fruits the family distillers created an exquisite brandy, savoured by guests at special occasionns. The brandy had an amber glow as a result of being kept in aged oak barrels. Over time the family has kept a strong tradition in fruit growing, brandy distilling and oak barrel making.

On the Ilic farm, the fruit orchids are still thriving and the brandy is still being distilled, only the oak barel making has crept out of the old tradition. The brandy is still the same, and somewhat different. Todays generation have proudly named their brandy “Old song”in memory of their ancestors, who worked hard but also enjoyed a good drink and a good sing-along.