PLUM BRANDY “12” lux

Vol: 700 ml
Packaging: Decorative box
Alc. vol: 40%

Deep within the ‘Old Song’ Bottle lies the spirit of Pepelj. Untouched natural beauty, soaring mountains, forlorn and melancholic sounds of trumpet and historically courageous and heroic people.

First savour the succulent aromas of ripened plum fruit, matured for 12 years in an oak cask followed by the sensation of a state of the art brandy production.

And at the finale feel the smooth but mighty force of luscious brandy which shall lure your beating heart into singing it’s favourite song along with our best ‘Old Song’.


Velika zlatna medalja na Žestivalu, Užice, 2017. i 2018.
Velika zlatna medalja na Festivalu srpske rakije, 2017

6.900,00 дин.

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